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At RushFiles, our Partners are a core part of our business and they are highly valued.

Since 2012, we have been innovating our solutions for maintaining and advancing their capabilities and competitive advantages. Within the same period, we have also been working with dedicated Partners of different sizes who resell our solutions around the world.

We remain committed to helping our partners to expand their product portfolio and grow their margins. Therefore, we have developed an array of packages with robust features and competitive prices.

Additionally, our Help & Support page contains self-service resources that our partners can access and deploy for their day-to-day activities, and for supporting their own customers.

Our Partners rely on us and you can count on us too for the scalable and secure cloud storage solutions with full administrator control, rebranding capabilities and invaluable customer support.

We look forward to partnering with you

Easy set-up
Easy set-up
Start with a single server and you can be up and running within hours and enhance your product portfolio
Seamless integration
Seamless integration
Take advantage of our integration capabilities for deploying your major provisioning platforms, or use API
Monetize your cloud
Monetize your cloud
Increase ARPU by hooking RushFiles into your existing cloud or datacenter storage and monetize your local storage with your preferred margin
Unlimited scalability
Unlimited scalability
Add new nodes or distribute the load across servers in the same data center or across locations
Unlimited scalability
Unlimited scalability
Add new nodes or distribute the load across servers in the same data center or across locations
Simple pricing
Simple pricing
Our simplified packages are designed to meet the needs and requirements of enterprises of all sizes
Higher margins
Higher margins
Gain higher margins with our cost-effective packages that are available at competitive prices

Are you an IT Advisor, an IT Service provider or a hosting company who is in the business of migrating IT into the cloud? Our solutions are developed to be part of your product offering. Become a partner today and take full advantage of RushFiles Content Collaboration platform and Partner benefits.

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If you have data that needs to be stored, accessed, and shared across devices, employees or partners irrespective of location and time, you need RushFiles. Locate one of our esteemed partners and start using our SaaS or On-premise solutions today.


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