Tsukaeru.net Case Study



Tsukaeru.net Co., Ltd. specializes in offering a wide range of hosting services to the Asian market from its office in Japan. For over 19 years,the company has been delivering solutions that satisfy customers with a balance of functionality, stability and affordability

These reflect in its Customer-centric portfolio of solutions that include:

  • multi-server platforms with customizable size for infrastructure cost savings
  • efficient VMs that offer flexibility and control
  • Enterprise-grade cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) for a managed environment for websites
  • innovative cloud file server solutions with virtual drive access and cloud backup, and
  • Industry-leading solution for FX trading.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Tsukaeru’s continued commitment and genuine desire to provide affordable yet advanced services to its current and potential customers made it turn to RushFiles.Tsukaeru faced two challenges. One was to find a new competitive and profitable cloud server as well as a filesharing service to sell to its customer base. Secondly, the company sought new revenue streams for its customers who do not require traditional hosting. Although Tsukaeru tested several solutions in the market, they all failed to meet the company’s high quality and reliability standardsof its customers and partners.



At one of the international annual tradeshows for the cloud services vendors, Tsukaeru’s CEO, Jason Frisch learned about RushFiles solutions, robust features, competitive price and lucrative partnership program. More specifically, RushFiles’virtual drive, control over data location and flexible pricing convinced him to become a RushFiles Self-hosted/On-premise partner. A combination of RushFiles stress-free partner onboarding process, Tsukaeru’s prompt readiness for RushFiles Technical team to install the solution on their servers ensured thatthe solution was ready for deployment in good time.



Since joining the partner program and reselling the solutions, RushFiles has helped Tsukaeru to uphold its aim of making advanced yet affordable services available to its customers and partners. Consequently, Tsukaeru’s Cloud file server/file sharing business line has grown by an average of 200% YoY. With this comes increased revenue and profit respectively.

According to Jason Frisch,

"RushFiles Virtual drive technology allows me to limit the use of my local (and expensive) SSD. Having the ability to share files in multiple locations is perfect when dealing with multiple entities located in different countries. The transfer speed is perfect locally, while still allowing access from anywhere in the world. RushFiles will not only bring a new revenue stream to your business but will also help drive high-profit margins that are not available with a lot of more famous brands, that offer inferior services. The ability to easily onboard partners has been key to our success!"



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