Corporate File Sync and Share



File sync and share 
- from anywhere

RushFiles enables hosting providers to
migrate the customers fileservers to the providers datacenter.

With RushFiles in the datacenter,
the provider can offer corporate customers
a secure file sync and share solution.




38% of business users actually uses consumer Cloud-storage for corporate data!

Not affected by Heartbleed exploite - April 10, 2014
RushFiles on-premises File Sync and Share is not not affected by Heartbleed exploite.

Cool new interface - March 19, 2014
Better user management, administation of public links and who gave the user access

2.0 APS package released - February 17, 2014
First Enterprise File Sync and Share package for APS 2.0 in production.

RushFiles Cloud drive solution allows hosting providers and telcos around the world to Cloud enable their fileservers, offering their customers a Dropbox like service directly in their own datacenter.

RushFiles provides the most comprehensive Cloud drive solution on the market, with an extremely attractive price plan.

Build a cloud drive for your customers; it takes less than an hour.

Contact us for more details and prices.
+45 71 99 34 02

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The clients can't be used without an active RushFiles account. Contact us for a demo account.